Things that Turn 35 this year!!!!!

I LOVE these lists... BUT then at the same time they make me feel a little old.

BUT then... also remember some very special times growing up!


1. "Back to the Future"

2. New Coke

3. "We Are the World", Live Aid, and Farm Aid

4. "Wrestlemania 1"

5. Pictionary

6. The discovery of the Titanic wreckage

7. Starship's"We Built This City"

8.  Guns N' Roses

9. The Nintendo Entertainment System and"Super Mario Brothers"

10. "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?"

11. Blockbuster Video

12. "Calvin & Hobbes"

13. Microsoft Windows 1.0

14. The first dot-com domain

15. "The Breakfast Club","St. Elmo's Fire", and the Brat Pack

16. "The Goonies"and"Pee Wee's Big Adventure"

17. CelebritiesKeira Knightley,Reggie Bush,Lana Del Rey,Anna Kendrick,Bruno Mars,Michael Phelps,Amanda Seyfried, andCristiano Ronaldo

18. "The Golden Girls"and"Thundercats"

19. Elmo

20. David Letterman'sTop 10 List

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