Florida Snorkeler Finds $1.5M Of Cocaine Floating In Ocean

Who knew that snorkeling could be such a lucrative sport! A snorkeler in the Florida Keys was getting his snorkel on when he snorkeled upon 25 bricks totaling 68lbs of cocaine floating in the water! Actually it was a black bag that caught his eyeballs.

The good samaritan did what any logical person would do and alerted the police. What else was he gonna do, keep it? What would the optics be for a dude walking out of the ocean wearing a snorkel and fins carrying a large black bag? Let's dig a bit deeper into this scenario. He keeps the drugs. Does he use the 68lbs of cocaine as his personal stash OR does he try to sell it? If he puts the good word out around Florida that he's got some party favors to sell, won't it catch the attention those that are missing their drugs? What would Tony Montana have done?

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office turned cocaine over to U.S. Border Patrol agents. Origin of the drugs is unknown at this time.