This Is North Carolina's Best Indian Restaurant

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As it turns out, you don't have to travel very far to find some delicious, authentic Indian cuisine in North Carolina. Using ratings and reviews, Yelp search around the country to find the best Indian restaurants around, compiling a list of the top choice in each state. According to the site:

"From classic dishes like garlic naan, biryani and spicy curries to modern Indian fusion fare, there is no shortage of variety on this list. Enjoy a meal paired with a refreshing cocktail in the ornately decorated dining room at Royal Taj in Maryland or grab some street cart samosas and chaat from Mysttik Masala in NYC. This list has something to satisfy every palette and every budget."

So which Indian restaurant was named the best in all of North Carolina?

Curry Gate

Located in Charlotte, Curry Gate serves up all your favorite Indian and Nepalese staples, from curries and samosas to tikka masala and momo, Nepali-style steamed dumplings.

With 5 out of 5 stars and nearly 200 reviews on Yelp, Curry Gate gets rave reviews for its tasty dishes. One reviewer said she would give the restaurant 10 stars if she could while another said "hole-in-the-wall places like this" deliver a top-notch authentic experience.

Curry Gate is located at 630 W 24th Street in Charlotte.

Check out Yelp's full list to see all the best Indian restaurants around the country.

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