Marcus Mumford Sings In Phoebe Bridgers' Choir For Day After Tomorrow Cover

For the past several years, Phoebe Bridgers has covered a holiday song to raise money for charity. This year, she chose Tom Waits' "Day After Tomorrow." Though the song is about a soldier returning home from war, it does have a place in the holiday song canon because it features a choir singing "Silent Night" over jingle bells. And Marcus Mumford was part of that choir.

"If this was the only thing I’d listened to all year, I still feel it would have been an edifying year," the Mumford & Sons frontman wrote on Instagram. "But I also stumbled into Sound City one morning and Phoebe asked me to join her choir. Not to make this about me or anything, but it was sweet revenge on the universe since I got rejected from the choir at school. There was a lot of miming going on. But it’s one of my favourite pieces of music in a long time. Props to multiple Grammy loser @phoebebridgers plus @tonyberg1 @ethangruska and every magic elf involved."

Z Berg, Kaitlyn Dever, Mady Dever, Ethan Gruska, Emily Kohavi, Blake Mills, Annie Stela, and Harrison Whitford were also part of the choir.

All proceeds from Bridgers’ cover sales will go to The International Institute of Los Angeles – The Local Integration & Family Empowerment Division, which provides refugees, immigrants, and survivors of human trafficking with skills, abilities, and resources to become self-sufficient and begin new lives in Southern California.

See Mumford's post here and listen to Bridgers' cover of "Day After Tomorrow" above.

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