Metallica Donates $75,000 To Support Texans Impacted By Freak Winter Storm

Metallica's non-profit All Within My Hands charitable foundation has donated $75,000 to Feeding America to stock food banks across Texas after a devastating winter storm that left millions in the Lone Star State without power for several days last month.

Feeding America is working to transport food and supplies to the most heavily impact locations in Texas, especially the ones that dealt with the most significant power outages and water shortages.

In a statement, Metallica noted that the storm that hit Texas was beyond anything residents could have imagined preparing for. Temperatures dropped well below freezing, the power went out and grocery store supply chains were hard hit.

"Texans running low on food are finding empty grocery store shelves," the band added. "Food pantries are running out of supplies. And the freeze has wiped out substantial portions of the state's citrus and vegetable crops. As part of our commitment to fighting food insecurity, All Within My Hands has donated $75,000 to Feeding America to be distributed to Texas food banks."

Along with a variety of initiatives to support education, All Within My Hands was founded in 2017 with a focus on feeding the hungry and supporting communities impacted by poverty or disasters. In just the past two years, the foundation has responded to numerous humanitarian crises, including devastating wildfires in California, bushfires in Australia and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Feeding America estimated last year that more than 50 million Americans would not have enough nutritious food to eat as a result of the pandemic.

Photo: Getty Images