Hayley Williams Shows Fans How 2 Decades Of Headbanging Impacted Her Spine

There's no doubt that Hayley Williams is a total bad*** when she's up on stage and if you've seen her live in any capacity, the girl loves to headbang.

Apparently all that head movement has had quite the impact on her spine and the Paramore singer gave fans a real personal look at what's going on beneath the surface.

On Wednesday, the “Simmer” singer uploaded a photo of a recent X-ray of her neck and skull.

“In case you ever wondered what nearly 2 decades of headbanging looks like...whiplashhhhhhhhhh,” she wrote in the tweet — which has boasted over 59,000 likes.

In the photo, there is a note on the X-ray that reads, “loss of proper cervical lordosis (no neck curvature)” along with a photo guide of various neck curvatures to compare her own to.

Underoath's Chris Dudley chimed in with his own doctor's comments about the state of his spine “'When was your car accident?' -my fun new spine doctor, 2015.” And indie artists dodie replied with a simple and effective, “oh sh**.”

Fans wasted absolutely no time replying to the photo with iconic footage of Williams rocking out on stage. “invented headbanging,” one fan wrote alongside a clip of a then orange-headed Williams headbanging on stage. Other fans felt Williams' pain (literally) and uploaded their own X-rays to show her she wasn't alone.

Another fan offered some advice to the singer on how to help any pain caused by her years and years or headbanging: “The denneroll is a game changer for neck tension!!!” to which Williams replied “never tried it but very ready” with the skull emoji.

Hopefully this won't slow down her headbanging too much once she can get back on stage!

Photo: Getty Images

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