Blink-182 Are 'Getting In Touch With Their Roots' While Writing New Music

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Mark Hoppus recently revealed that blink-182 has been writing music remotely while in quarantine, and if that's not enough to get fans excited, producer John Feldmann divulged that the new material sees the band "getting in touch with their roots" while chatting with Rock Sound.

"The band has definitely been getting in touch with their roots. The songs we have been working on have been super classic blink and I can’t be more excited," he said. "With ‘Nine’ the band wanted to experiment with a bunch of different sounds and programming and push the envelope forwards. They didn’t just want to remake 'California' which I totally understand as artists not wanting to just redo an album that was so successful for them."

"'Nine' was a really experimental record and I’m really proud to have been a part of that album," he continued. "I think with whatever is going to come next is definitely more roots for them."

See Feldmann's full conversation with Rock Sound below.

On Tuesday (June 30), blink celebrated the 182nd day of the year by announcing they're pressing their 2012 EP Dogs Eating Dogs on vinyl for the first time ever, and launching limited edition Dogs merch that includes products for actual dogs, like a leash and bowl. Shop the collection via blink-182's official web store.

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