Blink-182 Teases Songs From New Album 'NINE' One Day Before Release

Blink-182 will be releasing its eighth studio album, NINE, tomorrow (September 20) but couldn't wait until then to let fans hear some of the songs.

Ahead of the release, Mark Hoppus, Matt Skiba, and Travis Barker are giving fans a taste of what they can expect from the album by sharing snippets of songs to the band's Instagram page — including a peek at how cool the vinyl versions of the album look.

First up, the band shared an upbeat song called "Pin The Grenade" where we get a taste of the lyrics: Pin the grenade/If you don't love me, lie to my face/My god, how could you talk to me like that?

Next, blink-182 posted the chorus to the song "Run Away" and judging by the comments on the post, this one seems like a fan-favorite. The lyrics shared are: Run away/Don't let me run away, no/Get away/Don't let me get away, no/When the lights come up, when you see I'm gone/Wake up to an empty house/And when the music stops and you come undone/You know I'll never gonna get you out (of my head)

Lastly, the band shared the majority of the short song "Ransom" and, despite a poppier sound to some of NINE's singles, it'll remind you of the band's punk roots. Each song they shared definitely proves there's something for everyone on the new album.

Blink-182 is currently wrapping up their tour with Lil Wayne where the band performed Enema of the State in its entirety.

Check out the teasers below:

Photo: Getty Images

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