Stranger Things Star Cyber Bullied So Badly She Just Quit Twitter

There are many great benefits to being famous, but there are also some downsides and sadly, Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown is facing some of those today. The 14-year-old made a name for herself playing "Eleven" on the hit Netflix series and now, trolls are using her celebrity against her. Memes and photoshopped images of Millie with homophobic captions have been circulating the internet and it's gotten so bad that the young performer has quit Twitter. 

The posts, which include the hashtag #TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown, first began in November but died out. However, the awful content has come back causing a distraught Millie to take the extreme action. 

All of the posts are disturbing and disgusting. Below is one of the tamer ones, though most are too profane to post. 


Plenty of people have come to Millie's defense:


Not only is it terrible that the bullies have targeted a child, but Millie is both an active supporter of LGBTQ rights, and she fights to stop bullying. She even created a Twitter account called @Milliestopshate to help prevent cyberbullying. 

For now, her main Twitter remains deactivated. 

Photo Credit: Getty


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