California Burger Chain Allowing Customers to Pay Using Their Faces

At this California burger chain, a smile will get you a meal.

CaliBurger announced that starting on January 30th, customers will be able to pay for their meal using facial recognition technology at their Pasadena location. The FacePay program allows customers to store their face, along with meal histories, preferences, and other information in their loyalty accounts. 

According to a statement from the CEO of Cali Group, John Miller, people enjoyed using the facial recognition tech. 

You'll still have to enter the 3 digit CVV number on the back of your credit card to finalize the transaction, but, the company says they believe that as people get comfortable with the technology, they will eventually do away with that requirement. 

This isn't the first fast-food innovation CaliBurger has debuted - they were also one of the first restaurants to implement Flippy, a burger-flipping robot that can crank out up to 400 burgers per hour. 

Photo: Getty Images

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